Rescue Database

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The EARS Rescue Database was created to enable a quick and easy way to search for wild animal rescue centres and sanctuaries in Europe. Every year thousands of wild animals are in need of high welfare housing, having been confiscated from from illegal ownership and trade or surrendered by substandard or exploitative facilities. Finding homes for these animals is a challenge, not least of which is finding facilities with the skills and expertise to care for them. The database aims to provide a mechanism by which everyone - individuals, governments and NGOs - can gain access to a comprehensive list of facilities that may be able to help.

The database can be searched according to the animal in need of housing - once the animal category is selected the facilities that have the necessary skills and expertise to care for it are listed and the user can send them a message directly from the database. It is important to note that a facility being listed does not necessarily mean they can take the animal - this will always be a decision taken by the facility on a case-by-case basis and will depend on available space, resources and policy-related issues. Some of the facilities listed on the database are EARS Partners - this means they have undergone a screening process to ensure they meet all of the EARS joining criteria. This includes a detailed application form and an on-site review of the facility by an independent expert. EARS Partner status will be listed in the search results. Other facilities listed on the database have been recommended by EARS Partners but have not undergone the screening process described above.

To use the database to search for facilities please register or sign in here. Registration of facilities to the database is by invitation only - please contact EARS if you are a facility interested in registering.