Become an Associate

Why join EARS?
  • Belong to a unique network of rescue centre and sanctuary practitioners and experts in Europe.
  • Gain access to specialized forums to exchange knowledge and expertise.
  • Work collectively to increase impact to end the very need for animal rescue.
  • Support the organisation and Partner rescue centres and sanctuaries.
Criteria for joining EARS Institutions and individuals must: 1. Advocate and support the role of professionally managed rescue centres and sanctuaries in Europe. 2. Support the purpose, and promote the interests of EARS. 3. Actively engage with the alliance and work in the spirit of collaboration, sharing knowledge and information.

Application process Institutional Associate applicants are requested to complete an application form and submit supplementary information as requested.

Individuals wishing to join as an Associate should send an up-to-date curriculum vitae listing all current affiliations. In no more than 500 words applicants are also asked to summarise their relevant expertise and knowledge in relation to the work of EARS, and explain why they want to join EARS.

The information provided in the application provides an opportunity for the EARS Review Committee to get to know the institution or individual. Approval to join EARS is based on the recommendation of the EARS Review Committee to the EARS Board.

If the application is approved the Associate (Institutional and Individual) is required to pay an annual fee of €100, and actively engage with the alliance, working in the spirit of collaboration, sharing knowledge and information.

The board can also invite individuals to join as Honorary Associates for which there is no annual fee. Honorary Associates are persons who by reason of their interest in and/or service to EARS and/or the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation community have substantially promoted the goals for which EARS was formed, and/or the rescue centre and sanctuary sector.

For more information on the application process please contact us