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EARS is a new organisation with a great deal to achieve. To develop and expand our work we need your help. Regular giving is important because it will take time, resources and money to expand and strengthen our unique forum, to provide sustainable solutions for animal welfare, and to change attitudes. EARS relies entirely on the generosity of our Partners and supporters.

Our vision is “Europe and its people protect exotic and wild animals, and when captive care is needed highest standards are applied”. If you would like to help us achieve this vision please donate today!

Currently we channel donations through our Partner AAP Rescue Centre for Exotic Animals. Please clearly mark any donations for EARS:

Bank account details:

Rabo Bank Almere,
Postbus 10030, 1301 AA Almere,
The Netherlands
IBAN: NL91rabo0382360001
Attn.: EARS c/o Stichting AAP,
Postbus 50313, 1305 AH Almere,
The Netherlands

Should you have any question or need any complementary information, please contact us.