EARS aims to be a strong and effective European network to support, promote, and achieve continuous improvements in animal welfare and respect for animals, tackling the very reasons that necessitate the existence of rescue centres and sanctuaries. We offer two types of opportunity to join and support EARS:

Rescue and Rehabilitation Centres, and Sanctuaries in Europe
To be a professional and influential organisation we have designed an application process to ensure that only rescue centres and sanctuaries that meet our criteria can join. Becoming a Partner to EARS is possible for facilities caring for exotic and native species in Europe compliant with EARS criteria, and who fulfill the commitment to a high level of professionalism that being part of the alliance entails

Institutions and individuals interested in supporting EARS
Institutions (Institutional Associate) and individual persons (Individual Associate) can officially register their support and interest in EARS by joining as an Associate. Institutional Associates includes animal welfare and conservation organisations and agencies (governmental and non-governmental); rescue centres and sanctuaries in other regions of the world; philanthropic foundations; and academic departments. Individual Associate refers to persons with expertise and knowledge relevant to the work of EARS. There is no geographic restriction on becoming an Associate.