Sir David Attenborough visits EARS Partner

Renowned naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough visited EARS Partner Wild Futures recently whilst he was filming for a new documentary entitled ‘Natural Curiosities’. In the course of making the documentary Sir David has been particularly interested in how capuchin monkeys in the wild anoint themselves with insects and plants. The chemicals that they rub on their fur are thought to have insect repelling qualities. Sir David offered the monkeys at the Sanctuary chilli peppers and spring onions, a favourite for the capuchins. Soon they were captured on camera, not eating but rubbing the chillis and onions on their fur with great excitement. What is fascinating about this behaviour is not just that they do it in the wild, but that captive born monkeys know just what to do as well.

Leading primate welfare and conservation charity, Wild Futures, is celebrating 50 years of its rescue and rehabilitation centre, The Monkey Sanctuary. The high welfare standards and innovative territory design of the primate sanctuary allows for maximum social interactions and the possibility for the monkeys to live in close-to-natural colonies.  As the ex-pet monkeys recover from their often traumatic histories, they display behaviours similar to those of wild monkeys.

Rachel Hevesi, Director of Wild Futures, said: “It was an honour to have Sir David and his team on site today, we were proud to show him our work, especially when he congratulated the team on what we do. We can’t wait to see the programme when it goes out.”

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