Flash flood hits Chimp sanctuary – please help!

EARS Partner Mona Foundation has been hit by flash floods, leaving the facility in more than 2 feet of water. Up to 150 litres of rain  has fallen per square meter in the Girona region of Spain leaving the facility struggling to cope with the deluge. However, thanks to the quick reaction of the staff, volunteers and friends of MONA, the situation at the moment is under control and the animals are safe. The greatest risk right now is that heavy rains are still forecasted, which will cause more damage and leave the facility unable to cope.

To see how the floods have affected the facility please visit Mona’s website.

If you wish to help Mona Foundation by donating to their emergency appeal you can send funds to:

Bank account: Fundació Privada MONA
Bank name: la Caixa
IBAN: ES 22, 2100-3078-97-2100532504

Or visit their appeal page at Just Giving.

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