EARS Partner inaugurates new facility for care and rehabilitation of wolves

unnamedA major part of the Wolf Project of Centro Tutela e Ricerca Fauna Esotica e Selvatica – Monte Adone was completed recently thanks to the support of pet food manufacturer ALMO Nature.  The facility has been named ‘Just Freedom’ and is one of the first privately funded areas in Europe completely dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of wolves.

The Monte Adone Wolf Project started in April 2012 with the building of an enclosure of 1200m2 devoted to the rehabilitation of rescued wolves. The final goal was to create a centre specialized in the rescue and rehabilitation of wolves and their release back into the wild. The project includes post-release monitoring and local educational activities. Thanks to the support of ALMO Nature the project was completed with the construction of the first asylum enclosure, an infirmary and pens for short stays. The completion of the facility will allow optimal management of the species, whose needs and behavioral characteristics require particular attention during the delicate stages of hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Just Freedom has already helped two wolf pups to regain their freedom. Cecco and Spartaco were found seriously injured in  summer  2013 in Central Italy.  They were rescued a month apart and brought to Monte Adone Rescue Center, where they were treated and put through the difficult and challenging rehabilitation process. During their 9 month rehabilitation period they were carefully managed to ensure contact with humans was kept to a minimum in preparation for their release back into the wild. They were released back into the wild as part of a project carefully devised in collaboration with the provincial authorities of Rimini and Arezzo and with the technical support of the Wolf Apennine Center and the scientific supervision of the I.S.P.R.A. (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale).

The story of Cecco and Spartaco, from the moment the cubs were found right through to their full recovery and release back into the wild is covered in a documentary, A Wolf Story available now on the ALMO Nature web site.

Watch the documentary at: http://www.almonature.co.uk/almore/a-wolf-story/

For more information about Monte Adone Wolf Project and to support the work of the association visit: www.centrotutelafauna.org/

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