EARS Partner calls for long-term volunteers

AAP Rescue Centre for Exotic Animals has just launched their next call for long term EVS-volunteers. European Voluntary Service is an EU-programme enabling volunteering under extra favourable conditions: for the volunteer not only board and lodging are provided, but there is free health insurance and full reimbursements for both travel and vaccination costs. Each month the volunteer can count on some pocket money and during his stay he is offered professional trainings to contribute to personal development.

There are 4 EVS positions available: 2 with AAP Almere, the Netherlands, and 2 with AAP Primadomus in Spain. In both cases, the volunteering period is from September 2015 to September 2016.

If you know motivated young Europeans (up to 30 yrs of age) who would like to spend a year of volunteering at AAP, feel free to forward this message (application deadline is March 20th, 2015).

In this way you can support AAP in their work for animals in need and at the same time offer a unique experience to young persons dedicated to animal welfare. Detailed information is available here.

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